Sarcar A., Rao M. (2021). Pandemic as Population Check, Economics & Political Weekly 56(13), 27 Mar.

Aprjita Sarcar, post-doctoral fellow and member of the Territorial Dynamics research area at CSH, co-wrote an article with Dr. Mohan Rao ( former professor in Social Medicine, JNU ), titled “Pandemic as Population Check: The Dangerous Fallacies of Populationism” published in Economics and Political Weekly.

Abstract: As India undergoes massive societal transformations due to the pandemic, a potential dangerous by-product could be a worrying consensus on the need for population control. Dressed as a positive population check to “cure” poverty, such a turn in policy can enable rushed and knee-jerk public opinion that proves fatal for historically persecuted populations. The dangers of support for coercive population control policies in the garb of economic recovery are examined.

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Aprajita Sarcar is a global historian specializing in the postcolonial history of family planning in India. Her work has been interdisciplinary. She considers herself most useful in research that requires a combination of watching films (if not co-creating them), reading archival dust, talking to people and triangulating how the three mount ……..continue reading

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