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Rao Mohan, Sarcar Aprjita, (2021). Two-child Norm: Curtailing Welfare, Weaponising Demography, Economics & Political Weekly 56(35), 28 Aug 2021.

Aprjita Sarcar, post-doctoral fellow and member of the Territorial Dynamics research area at CSH, co-wrote an article with Dr. Mohan Rao ( former professor in Social Medicine, JNU ), titled “Two-child Norm:Curtailing Welfare, Weaponising...

Danish Ahmad recording in the CSH Lecture Series [#10]

Danish Ahmad, a global health researcher and primary care physician with faculty affiliation at the Public Health Foundation of India – Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (PHFI). honors us with a lecture for...

Anmol Seghal’s (CSH) article on UP and Kerala responses to COVID-19

Member of the Economics & Development research area under Bruno Dorin, Anmol Seghal co-wrote an article presenting a crossed study of Kerala and Uttar Pradesh responses to the COVID threat available here: https://www.counterview.net/2020/04/uttar-pradesh-and-kerala-preparedness.html