Levesque J.(2021). Does Caste Play a Political Role Among Muslims in India, GIS ASIE (April 21)

Julien Levesque, CSH member and head researcher of the Politics & Society area at CSH, wrote an article title “Does Caste Play a Political Role Among Muslims in India?” published in GIS Asie (the French Academic Network for Asian Studies). In this short article, he raises the question of the political relevance of caste among Muslims in India, and suggests that its political relevance is notably visible in the numerous caste-based organizations that keep being created.

This article can be found here: in English- Does caste play a political role among Muslims in India? | gis reseau asie (gis-reseau-asie.org)

In French – La caste joue-t-elle un rôle politique chez les musulmans en Inde ? | gis reseau asie (gis-reseau-asie.org)

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