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A CSH overview on the COVID-19 pandemic

UPDATED ON JULY 11th 2020 While the pandemic keeps growing in the world in general (where it has killed almost 600 000 people) and in India in particular, this country continues to alleviate the...

Seghal, A. (2020). A wish list for casual workers amid heat wave conditions, Policy Circle, May 30.

A new piece from Anmol Sehgal, research assistant in the Economics & Development area, addressing contract workers condition with regard to the heat waves currently affecting India: https://www.policycircle.org/life/a-wish-list-for-casual-workers-amid-heat-wave-conditions/

De Bercegol, R., Goreau-Ponceaud, A., Gowda, S., Raj, A. (2020). « Confining the margins, marginalizing the confined: The Distress of Neglected Lockdown Victims in Indian Cities », EchoGéo, Online.

Abstract: In India, on March 24, 2020 at 8:00 pm, the sudden announcement by the Prime Minister of the implementation of containment 4 hours later caused a strong panic among the underprivileged populations. Dramatic...

Anmol Seghal’s (CSH) article on UP and Kerala responses to COVID-19

Member of the Economics & Development research area under Bruno Dorin, Anmol Seghal co-wrote an article presenting a crossed study of Kerala and Uttar Pradesh responses to the COVID threat available here: https://www.counterview.net/2020/04/uttar-pradesh-and-kerala-preparedness.html