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Seghal, A. (2020). A wish list for casual workers amid heat wave conditions, Policy Circle, May 30.

A new piece from Anmol Sehgal, research assistant in the Economics & Development area, addressing contract workers condition with regard to the heat waves currently affecting India: https://www.policycircle.org/life/a-wish-list-for-casual-workers-amid-heat-wave-conditions/

De Bercegol, R., Goreau-Ponceaud, A., Gowda, S., Raj, A. (2020). « Confining the margins, marginalizing the confined: The Distress of Neglected Lockdown Victims in Indian Cities », EchoGéo, Online.

Abstract: In India, on March 24, 2020 at 8:00 pm, the sudden announcement by the Prime Minister of the implementation of containment 4 hours later caused a strong panic among the underprivileged populations. Dramatic...

Anmol Seghal’s (CSH) article on UP and Kerala responses to COVID-19

Member of the Economics & Development research area under Bruno Dorin, Anmol Seghal co-wrote an article presenting a crossed study of Kerala and Uttar Pradesh responses to the COVID threat available here: https://www.counterview.net/2020/04/uttar-pradesh-and-kerala-preparedness.html

Benkimoun S., Denis E., Telle O. (2020), “Mapping the lockdown effects in India: how geographers can contribute to tackle Covid-19 diffusion”, The Conversation.

Olivier Telle, head of the Territorial Dynamics research area at the CSH, and Samuel Benkimoun, also part of the aforementioned research team, co-wrote with Eric Denis (urban geographer at the CNRS), and contribution from...