Jodhka, Surinder S. 2023. The Indian Village: Rural Lives in the 21st Century. 1st ed. Delhi: Aleph Book Company.

Surinder S. Jodhka is an affiliate senior researcher at the CSH and Professor of Sociology at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His book entitled “The Indian Village: Rural Lives in the 21st Century.” published in Aleph Book Company in September 2023.

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Abstract: This statement popularized by Mahatma Gandhi is often referred to in discussions about the country, its past, and its possible future. But what exactly is the Indian village? In the most basic sense, the ‘village’ is a kind of human settlement, always standing in contrast to the ‘town’ or ‘city’. Yet, it is also an idea, one which has undergone myriad shifts over the course of our nation’s history.
In The Indian Village: Rural Lives in the 21st Century, award-winning sociologist Surinder S. Jodhka critically examines the changing nature of the village in India, both as an idea and as a lived reality. Reflecting on the colonial construction of India as a land of village republics, a representation that was turned on its head in different ways by Indian nationalists in the early twentieth century, and the post-liberalization nation, this book provides a detailed account of how rural lives have been transformed in India through the decades. The book also looks at India’s modern villages to showcase the current diversity within agrarian and rural realities with specific focus on the processes of development and democracy in rural areas.

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