The European Union in World Politics

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This book examines the role of the European Union as an influential actor in world politics. The 17 essays in this volume evaluate EU enlargement and the Common Foreign and Security Policy. They assess the European Union’s trade policy and role in multilateral trade negotiations, international crises and conflict resolution. The study discusses the impact of the Iraq war (2003) on transatlantic relations.

This study critically evaluates the role of France, Germany and Britain in the process of European integration and assesses the challenges of institutional reform.

This volume will be of interest to policy-makers as well as those engaged in the fields of economics, international relations and area studies.


    • The European Union in World Politics MICHAEL CAILLOUET
    • Contestations over Sovereignty: Revisiting the Role of EU in International Politics A K RAMAKRISHNAN
    • EU’s Trade Policy and its Global Role PAOLO GUERRIERI and IRENE CARATELLI
    • The European Union, Multilateralism and World Trade Governance B BHATTACHARYA
    • The Euro in the World Economy HARTMUT ELSENHANS
    • France, the European Union and India DOMINIQUE GIRARD
    • France and European Integration BRIGITTE VASSORT-ROUSSET
    • Germany and European Integration HARTMUT ELSENHANS
    • Quest for a Role: Britain in the European Union PURSHOTTAM BHATTACHARYA
    • Enlargement of the European Union AMARJIT S NARANG
    • India and EU Enlargement RAJENDRA K. JAIN
    • Enlargement and the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union CONSTANCE CHEVALLIER-GOVERS
    • The European Union and Conflict Resolution GERD JUNNE
    • The Atlantic Triad: The United States, Europe and the Iraq War PARMIT PAL CHAUDHURI
    • The Transatlantic Relationship: the European Union and the United States VEENA-RAVI KUMAR
  • The European Convention on the Future of Europe MANUEL PORTO
  • European Integration and the Challenges of Institutional Reform UMMU SALVA BAVA

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