Surinder S. JODHKA

Surinder S. JODHKA


Surinder S Jodhka is a Professor of Sociology at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He researches on different dimensions of social inequalities, contemporary dynamics of caste, agrarian change, rural India, and the political sociology of community identities. His recent publications include The Indian Village: Rural Lives in the 21st Century. Aleph 2023; The Oxford Handbook of Caste. OUP 2023 (ed with Jules Naudet); India’s Villages in the 21st Century: Revisits and Revisions OUP 2019 (edited with Edward Simpson); Mapping the Elite: Power, Privilege and Inequality. OUP 2019 (edited with Jules Naudet). A Handbook of Rural India. 2018 Orient Blackswan (ed.). Caste in Contemporary India Routledge 2015; Caste: Oxford India Short Introductions. OUP 2012. He is editor of the Routledge India book series on ‘Religion and Citizenship’ and co-editor of the OUP book series on ‘Exploring India’s Elite’. He has been a recipient of the ICSSR-Amartya Sen Award for Distinguished Social Scientists.

Recent publications:

  • Jodhka, Surinder S. 2023. The Indian Village: Rural Lives in the 21st Century. 1st ed. Delhi: Aleph Book Company.
  • Jodhka, Surinder S. 2022. Chathi: Study of Caste. Chennai: ‎Kalachuvadu Publications, Tamil translation of the book Caste: Oxford India Short Introduction (2012).
  • Jodhka, Surinder S., ed. 2022. Agrarian Change in India. Hyderabad, Telangana, India: Orient Blackswan Private Limited.
  • Jodhka, Surinder S. “The Dalit Truth reflects on issues faced by the community.” Review of The Dalit Truth: The Battles for Realizing Ambedkar’s Vision. Raju K. ed. The Tribune: June 5.
  • Jodhka, Surinder S. 2022. “Shifting Imaginaries of Sikh Identity” Review of Sikh Nationalism: From a Dominant Minority to an Ethno-Religious Diaspora by Gurharpal Singh and Giorgio Shani, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. Economic and Political Weekly, 57 (41): 25-26. October 08.
  • Jodhka, Surinder S. 2022. Review of Nobody’s People: Hierarchy as Hope in a Society of Thieves by Anastasia Piliavsky. Stanford University Press 2020. Published by Rutgers: Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books. September 2022.

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