Ithurbide C., Savara T. (2020) Legal Handbook for the Artist Community in India, UNESCO Digital Library, 32p.

The CSH’s affiliate researcher Christine Ithurbide, along with Tejshree Savara, did contribute to a UNESCO-supported book publication on India’s art policy. It is available online in open access in the e-book format:


“As you know, with the evolution of production techniques in the world of the arts which include new media, archival material etc., along with soaring values being dictated by the art market, artists face new challenges on a near daily basis when it comes to the creation and sale of their works. Keeping this in mind and to provide support to the implementation of the “Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist” adopted by UNESCO in 1980, this Legal Handbook is an attempt to address the recurring legal queries of both, emerging and established artists and aims to be a reference tool during their creative journey.”

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