Guilmoto C., (2021), “Estimating the death toll of the Covid-19 pandemic in India” Medrxiv , (2 July 2021)

Christophe Z. Guilmoto, a member of the territorial dynamics research area at CSH, wrote an article “Estimating the death toll of the Covid-19 pandemic in India”. The article has been published in Medrxiv, online on 2nd July 2021.

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The absence of reliable registration of Covid-19 deaths in India has prevented the proper assessment and monitoring of coronavirus pandemic. India’s relatively young age structure tends to conceal the severity of Covid-19 mortality, which is concentrated in older age groups. In this paper, we present four different demographic samples of Indian populations for which we have information on both their demographic structures and death outcomes. We show that we can model the age gradient of Covid-19 mortality in India and use this modeling for estimating the level of Covid-19 mortality in the country. Our findings point to a death toll of about 2.2 million persons by late May 2021. Once India’s age structure is taken into account, these figures correspond to one of the most severe cases of Covid-19 mortality in the world.

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