N. Belorgey, L. Gautier and J. Levesque in recording of the CSH Lecture Series [#12]

Nicolas Belorgey, a research fellow at CNRS and researcher at CSH, Laurent Gautier, associate professor at JSLH and an associate member of CSH) and Julien Levesque, head researcher of political-society-history at CSH), presented a very fruitful and interesting lecture for the 12th Lecture Series of CSH, on Monday, 17th May. The online event, consisting of a 50 minutes presentation following by a QA with numerous participants.

The recording of this online session, entitled “The social space of Muslim leadership in India: profiles, trajectories, and networks of office-bearers in Muslim organizations”, is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Aol46EpC94

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