[Congratulations!] Prof. Bina Agarwal for receiving the Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award for Ecological Economics 2023.

The CSH is please to announce that Bina Agarwal, an associate researcher at CSH and Professor of Development Economics and Environment at the University of Manchester, and David Barkin, a professor at the Metropolitan University in Mexico City jointly received the prestigious “Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award for Ecological Economics 2023“. Both distinguished academics are acknowledged for their notable and lasting impacts on the field of Ecological Economics, specifically in their investigations of social fairness and gender dynamics in rural communities of developing areas. They will be honoured at a special session of the upcoming ISEE 2023 Biennial Conference in Santa Marta.

This prestigious award is dedicated to individuals who embody the exceptional qualities of Kenneth E. Boulding, aiming to preserve and perpetuate the wisdom he imparted to ISEE members and beyond. For more information about the award and its significance, please visit https://www.isecoeco.org/resources/boulding-award/.

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