[CSH Workshop] Everyday legality: an empirical analysis of legal consciousness in India (A. Dinkar)

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Anwita Dinkar

(PhD student at Sciences Po, Paris)


Everyday legality: an empirical analysis of legal consciousness in India

Monday, 9 October, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm IST
Centre de Sciences Humaines
IFI-CSH conference room (ground floor)
2 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi – 110011

To understand the significance of law in society, it is important to empirically study the social foundations of law. How do ordinary citizens understand legality? What are their experiences with law? How do they develop everyday legality? These questions become important in exploring the relationship of law with society, a fundamental of Legal Consciousness Studies, which is the theoretical foundation of this research. Reflecting on interviews conducted in Maharashtra with private domestic workers, cleaning workers in organizations, and legal intermediaries, this presentation highlights how different actors perceive, experience, build, and shape everyday legality. Conditions of gender, income, caste, literacy, and class will be discussed in the presentation, as they are pertinent in understanding this socio-legal relationship.


Anwita Dinkar is a third-year PhD student at Sciences Po, Paris. She has a master’s degree in Law, and a research master’s degree in Sociology. Anwita’s interdisciplinary research seeks to understand how ordinary people access law and build legality in their everyday lives in India. She studies this primarily through the theoretical framework of legal consciousness studies and legal pluralism, addressing how lawyers, legal intermediaries, and ordinary citizens frame their own and each other’s legal consciousness in their everyday lives.

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