China and India in Central Asia: A New “Great Game”?

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    Palgrave MACMILLAN


Chinese and Indian growing interests in Central Asia disrupt the traditional Russian-U.S. “Great Game” at the heart of the old continent. Though for the moment India is unable to equally compete against the Chinese presence in post-Soviet Central Asia, New Delhi is well-established in Afghanistan and has begun to cast its eyes toward the north to the shores of the Caspian Sea. In the years to come, both Asian powers are looking to redeploy their rivalry on the Central Asian and Afghan theaters on a geopolitical, but also political and economic level.

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Notes on Contributors
1 Why Central Asia? The Strategic Rationale of Indian and Chinese Involvement in the Region
The Editors
Part I Negotiating Projections of Power in Central Asia
2 Russia Facing China and India in Central Asia: Cooperation, Competition, and Hesitations
Marlène Laruelle
3 Central Asia-China Relations and Their Relative Weight in Chinese Foreign Policy
Jean-Pierre Cabestan
4 An Elephant in a China Shop? India’s Look North to Central Asia…Seeing Only China
Emilian Kavalski
5 Afghanistan and Regional Strategy: The India Factor
Meena Singh Roy
6 Afghan Factor in Reviving the Sino-Pak Axis
Swaran Singh
Part II India and China in Central Asia, between Cooperation, Parallelism, and Competition
7 Indian and China in Central Asia: Mirroring Their Bilateral Relations
Jean-François Huchet
8 India-China Interactions in Central Asia through the Prism of Paul Kennedy’s Analysis of Great Powers
Basudeb Chaudhuri and Manpreet Sethi
9 Cooperation or Competition? China and India in Central Asia
Zhao Huasheng
Part III Chinese and Indian Economic Implementations from the Caspian Basin to Afghanistan
10 Scramble for Caspian Energy: Can Big Power Competition Sidestep China and India?
P. L. Dash
11 Comparing the Economic Involvement of China and India in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Sébastien Peyrouse
12 The Reconstruction in Afghanistan: The Indian and Chinese Contribution
Gulshan Sachdeva
Part IV Revisited Historical Backgrounds, Disputed Religious Modernities
13 From the Oxus to the Indus: Looking Back at India-Central Asia Connections in the Early Modern Age
Laurent Gayer
14 Uyghur Islam: Caught Between Foreign Influences and Domestic Constraints
Rémi Castets
15 The Jama’at al Tabligh in Central Asia—A Mediator in the Recreation of Islamic Relations with the Indian Subcontinent
Bayram Balci

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