Began working in Paris for the French Ministry of agriculture and the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) on French or European issues (farm bankruptcies, 1992 CAP reform) prior to two long stints in India over eight years, first in Andhra Pradesh for doctoral work (1990-1991), then in New Delhi (1995-2000) as Director of the Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH). Returned to France in 2000 to teach economics (ESAP, Toulouse).
Joined CIRAD in 2002 (, Montpellier) and CIRED (, Paris). Has been involved in several international research projects (value sharing in the cocoa-chocolate industry, agricultural greenhouse gases emission/sink, food-biofuel competition in land use). In 2006, began to develop Agribiom, a quantitative tool for analysing the world’s production, trade and use of biomass, in order to undertake collective future scenario-building such as “Agrimonde” (Paillard, Treyer & Dorin, 2011), hybrid models such as the “Nexus Land-Use” (Souty, Dorin & al., 2012) and worldwide analyses on labour productivity and structural transformation (e.g. Dorin 2017).
In February 2014, came back to India as CSH’s head of “Economics and Development”. Was promoted in 2018 “Chevalier” (Knight) in the Order of Agricultural Merit by the French Minister of Agriculture.
Is author or co-author of many academic articles and official reports, in addition to five books in English: “National Identity and Regional Cooperation” (Delhi, 1999), “The Indian Entrepreneur” (Delhi, 2003), “Agricultural Incentives in India” (Delhi, 2004), “Agriculture and Food in India” (Delhi, 2009), “Agrimonde: scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050” (Versailles, 2011; Springer, 2014).
Recent Publications:

1. Dorin Bruno, Joly Pierre-Benoît, 2019. “Modelling world agriculture as a learning machine? From mainstream models to Agribiom 1.0“, Land Use Policy (Online First 06/3/2019:

2. Agarwal Bina, Dorin Bruno, 2019. “Group farming in France: Why do some regions have more cooperative ventures than others?“, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 51:3, pp. 781-804 (

3. Dorin Bruno, 2017. “India and Africa in the Global Agricultural System (1960-2050): Towards a New Sociotechnical Regime?”, Economic & Political Weekly, LII:25-26, June 24,  pp. 5-13. (

4. Desquilbet Marion, Dorin Bruno, Couvet Denis, 2017. “Land Sharing vs Land Sparing to Conserve Biodiversity: How Agricultural Markets Make the Difference”, Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 22:3, June,  pp. 185-200.  (

5. Paillard Sandrine, Tréyer Sébastien, Dorin Bruno (Ed.), 2014. “Agrimonde – Scenarios and Challenges for Feeding the World in 2050″, Springer, Netherlands, 250 p. (


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