Glattli Laurent, Chauhan Ekta, 2023. “What Goes In The Making And Unmaking Of India’s National Heritage?”, Outlook, (April 8)

Laurent Glattli, a visiting doctoral fellow at the Centre de Sciences Humaines and PhD fellow at the Department of South Asian Studies, Humboldt University has written an article with Ekta Chauhan entitled “What Goes In The Making And Unmaking Of India’s National Heritage?“. The article has been published in the Outlook on 08 April 2023.

The complete article can be found at :

Abstract: While there is an arguable case for ‘minor’ monuments such as Kos Minars or British soldiers’ graves to be stripped of their ‘national importance’ tag and transferred to state departments of archaeology, there are fears that a politically-motivated redefinition of these criteria will lead to countless invaluable monuments built during the Sultanate, Mughal, and British periods to lose their ‘national importance’ tag and with it Central government protection.

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