Victor Alembik is a PhD Student in Political Sciences at the University of Milan (NASP). His research focuses on professionalization and marketing strategy in India. Professionalization is a concept that defines a “profession” through its closed-knowledge and network structure which grants it specific savoir-faire related to its craftsmanship. Marketing strategy is a phenomena that has drastically increased since the digitalisation of the Indian economy and represents an opportunity for brands and individuals to shape their image. The Indian youth has become highly digitally literate and uses social media strategies as a tool for job opportunities, creating new types of professional networks. The aim of his thesis is to understand how digital marketing has transformed the Indian youth’s professionalization and access to new job markets.

The topic of the thesis: How does digital marketing affect the youth’s professional opportunities? How does the youth appropriate digital technologies to pursue professional goals? What kind of opportunities and challenges do digital marketing for professionalization purposes represent for India’s youth?

Research interests: Labor policies – Digital communication – Marketing strategy – Public opinion – Professionnalisation – Youth employment – Big Data analysis – Textual analysis.

Graduated from: Leiden University (BA) – Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (MA).

Degrees obtained: BA in International Studies – South and Southeast Asia – MA in Comparative Development Studies.


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