Sylvie Dominique holds a History from Delhi University, Delhi, India. She is currently a Research Associate/Professor and Associate Editor of Veranda in Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA) in Ansal University in Gurgaon. She earned a Bachelor degree in History of Arts and Archaeology of India and South-East Asia Asian at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris and a Master degree in South Asian Arts and Archaeology in School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK. Living between Rome and Gurgaon, her area of study focuses simultaneously on the history of the Mughal haveli and the issues related to colonial legacy in South Asian heritage conservation and museology.


Dominique, S. and Bellat F. (2013) “William Walcot, d’une culture l’autre/ William Walcot: A Cross Cultural Architect”, Revue D’Histoire de l’Art (72)

Dominique, S. (2016)  “Chandigarh : 50 ans après Le Corbusier. Le Devenir Indien d’une Ville Moderne”. Histoire@Politique. Available online

Dominique, S. (2019) Early Approaches to Heritage in Pre-Colonial India : Reconsidering the Eurocentric View of History of Built Heritage”, Veranda 1 (1) :124-155

Forthcoming: Dominique, S. Empowering the Common Man for Heritage Conservation in Shahjahanabad”  Economia della Cultura. Bologna Ed. Il Mulino

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