Subhra Bhattacharya is currently a professor at Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, O P Jindal Global University. He worked as an assistant professor in the department of economics at Shiv Nadar University. He completed his graduate studies from Iowa State University, where his thesis was entitled “Essays in Public Economics and Mathematical Finance”. His research interests broadly are in the fields of Public Economics, Economics of the environment and Mathematical finance. His recent work in public economics is focused in the areas of static and dynamic private provision of public goods, charitable giving under altruistic preferences and optimal income taxation. His research is aimed to provide an analytical foundation to policy prescriptions where the focus is on a ubiquitous public economics issue across the areas- the inefficient allocation of scarce resources due to self-optimizing behaviour of strategic individuals and how to design public policies that incorporate individual behaviours and implement second-best through market outcomes.  In environment economics, he is interested in similar questions in the topic of non-cooperative emissions, transboundary pollution and climate change. His work has been published in Journal of Public Economic Theory, and he has been awarded an individual research grant from Indian Council for Social Science Research. He teaches graduate courses on Public economics, Microeconomic theory and Game theory and applications.

Research Grant: Does asymmetric valuation of public goods alleviate the free-rider problem in private provision. Funding agency: Indian Council of Social Science Research. F. No.- 02/363/2016-17/RPPrincipal Investigator: Subhra K. Bhattacharya


Bhattacharya SK, Tokovenko O, Sardana KHeterogeneity, impatience, and dynamic private provision of a discrete public goodJournal of Public Economic Theory(2017); 19: 1069-1080.

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