Sangeeta KHORANA

Dr Sangeeta Khorana is an Associate Professor at Keele University in Britain. In her current position, she leads research on Indian economic issues and provides policy advice to governments and international institutions on trade related issues. Dr Khorana is an expert on EU-India trade relations, in particular on EU-India FTA issues. She has been invited by the European Parliament, European Chambers of Commerce and several other organisations to present her views and work on the current state of ongoing EU-India FTA talks. She has also been featured on BBC radio to discuss her work on EU-India FTA. She has published a book and several articles on the proposed EU-India FTA. Her book is the first exhaustive analysis on how the proposed agreement could impact on Indian clothing and footwear industry. Dr Khorana has a Ph.D. from the University of St. Gallen, and a summa cum laude Masters’ degree from the Berne University in Switzerland.

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