Samuel Berthet (Shiv Nadar University- UMR LISST Cas) did his PhD in history on Indo-French cultural relations 1870-1962 (Manohar CSH for the English version, and CSH-IFP for the French version). He did his postdoctoral research with the CSH on the new states in India, and particularly on Chhattisgarh (New States for a New India, Manohar). He was research coordinator for two European Higher Education projects on South Asia-Europe Maritime History. After five years in Chittagong, he dedicated his work to the shipbuilding and circulation in the Northern Bay of Bengal, highlighting a different approach of the Silk Road and examining the issue of borders, local geographies, and the contextualized relation to the environment. He also teaches the history of the Indian Ocean.

Risks and Territorial Dynamics


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