Sahib Singh

Sahib Singh is a PhD student in Anthropology at University College London (UCL), where he is a member of the Human Ecology Research Group, as well as an affiliate of the Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory. His doctoral research focuses on the cultural and political articulations of an indigenous environmental movement in India, value transformations, traditional ecological knowledge, along with exploring notions of self-determination and how they intersect with the politics of representation and indigeneity as a concept. He also has strong interests in the anthropology of emotions, morality and ethics, and will be studying the ways in which they relate to debates in the political economy of energy and natural resource governance. The way we might “think” with other non-human beings in the Anthropocene (drawing inspiration from Eduardo Kohn, Donna Haraway, and others) fascinates him, and he wishes to study ecosemiotic modes of existence in future projects.

Sahib completed his Master’s from the London School of Economics in 2015, and has since worked in evidence-based development policy and grassroots empowerment projects across India. Most recently, he organised football camps for disadvantaged children in rural Punjab and Himachal through India Youth Soccer Association’s New Delhi Josh (pronounced “Joe-sh”, meaning fighting spirit) program, in addition to raising funds for, and setting up, a mini-league.


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