Mathieu FAURE

Mathieu FAURE


Mathieu Faure is an assistant professor at Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) since 2011, currently in CNRS deputation at CSH. He has a PhD in applied mathematics (probability theory) and his research topics include game theory (games on networks, learning), theoretical economics (measurement of inequalities, equality of opportunity).

Recent publications

– S. Bervoets and M. FaureStability in games with continua of equilibria;  Journal of Economic Theory, 179, 131-162 (2019).

– M. Faure, P. Gaillard, B. Gaujal and V. Perchet Online learning and game theory. A quick overview with recent results and applications;  ESAIM: proceedings and surveys51, 246-271, (2015).

M. Faure and S.J. Schreiber: Convergence of generalized urn models to non-equilibrium attractors; Stochastic Processes and their Applications125(8), 3053-3074, (2015).

–  M. Bravo and M. Faure: Reinforcement learning with restrictions on the action space; Siam Journal on Control and Optimization53(1), 287-312, (2015).

– M. Faure and S. J. Schreiber: Quasi-stationary distributions for randomly perturbed dynamical systems; Annals of Applied Probability, 24(2), 553-598, (2014) (pdf).


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