Hugo Ribadeau Dumas is a PhD candidate in Urban Geography at EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales — School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences). His research is funded by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique— the French National Center for Scientific Research).

Hugo’s PhD dissertation focuses on the process of urbanisation in India, particularly in smaller cities. He is interested in analysing from a gender perspective the social, cultural and political impact of the emergence and growth of urban settlements across the country. How do newly urbanised spaces challenge or reinforce power dynamics between men and women? What makes certain Indian cities more empowering or more hostile to female dwellers than others? How do women influence the trajectories of Indian cities? Hugo is adopting a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods and a resolutely comparative approach.

Hugo has been working and researching for almost a decade in South Asia, across India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. He has been involved with an eclectic set of organisations, including a local non-for-profit organisation (PRIA, the Society for Participatory Research in India), an international not-for-profit foundation (the Aga Khan Development Network), a financial institution (AFD – the French Development Agency), a research services provider (Altai Consulting) and a corporate consultancy firm (KPMG).


Ribadeau Dumas, Hugo (2021), Basic Urban Services in India: a Paradoxical Bricolage (Review of the book Quand L’Inde s’urbanise: Services essentiels et paradoxes d’un urbanisme bricolé, by Marie-Hélène Zérah). Books and Ideas,

Ribadeau Dumas, Hugo (2021). सरकारें स्मार्टशहर तो बना लेंगी, मगर औरतों के लिए समझदारशहर कैसे बनेगा? (Sarkarein “Smart” shaher to bana lengi, magar auraton ke lie “Samajdhar” shahar kaise banega?). The Lallantop,
Ribadeau Dumas, Hugo (2021). फ्रांस से लेकर भारत तक, नारीवाद पर अंग्रेज़ी भाषा के दबदबे के बारे में मैंने क्या समझा (France se lekar Bharat tak, narivaad par angrezi bhasha ke dabdabe ke bare mein maine kya samjha). FII – Feminism in India,

Ribadeau Dumas, Hugo (2021). L’Ennemi Public : revisiter le cinéma de Satyajit Ray pour décrypter la crise du Covid-19 en Inde. L’Humanité.

Ribadeau Dumas, Hugo (2021). Au revoir Guruji: a French student’s tribute to Hindustani musician Yograj Naik.,

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