Harsachdeep KAUR

Harsachdeep Kaur pursued her graduation in B.Com (Hons.) from the University of Delhi in 2018 and completed her post graduation in MA Global Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi in 2020. For her MA dissertation, she conducted a field-based study focusing on the concept of ‘Right to the city’ in the context of unauthorised colonies in Delhi. It majorly dealt with the recently enacted legislation, the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Recognition of Property Rights of Residents of Unauthorised Colonies) Act, 2019 to confer ownership rights to the residents of unauthorised colonies. The research poses the question of identity of the inhabitants of these colonies while linking these inquiries into the bigger question of whether the poor in modernity are entitled to housing in the city.

She wishes to pursue further studies in the field of public policy.

She is currently part of the CHALLINEQ project under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Gravel, which aims to understand inequalities in India, and its changes over a period of 15 years through various socioeconomic factors.

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