Françoise DASQUES

Françoise DASQUES


Françoise Dasques is an art historian, graduated from the Institut d’Art et Archéologie, Paris-IV-Sorbonne (M.A.) and the EHESS (PhD). She works on the international influence of the French laboratory of architecture in the global world of the 19th c. with a special focus on Mexico and India, with missions from the ICSSR and the ICHR. She also investigated the heritage of French metal works abroad – sculpture, ornaments and urban furniture – and the development of regional industrial arts.
She is presently visiting researcher at the CSH, and associate researcher to the Centre d’études mexicaines et centraméricaines, Cemca (Mexico).

Recent publications


  • The art of cast iron (co-dir.), Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the arts, juin 2018.
  • Paris-Mexico, 1784-1910. Architectures. Textes et documents. 3 vols, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2017.
  • Paris-Mexico, 1784 -1910, Architectures. Textes et documents, 3 vols, Paris, l’Harmattan, 2017.

In press

  • Nineteenth-century Indian architecture, vol. 1, Models and creative invention in colonized India. Paris, l’Harmattan.

 Coming soon 

  • Vol. 2 / Indian Eclecticism ; vol. 3 / Modern Indian Architecture; vol. 4 / Modern Indian Architecture. Texts and documents.

In preparation

  • Rai Bahadur Kunhya Lal, Tarikh-e-Lahore/History of Lahore, 1882. Delhi, IGNCA. English translation (from Urdu) and introduction to the author, a Punjabi engineer in colonial times.
  • Manuel de Arrigunaga, New practical method of conical perspective. El perspectografo, Mexico, UNAM, Facultad de Ingenería. Presentation and Spanish translation of this descriptive geometry treatise produced in French by a Mexican student formed at the Ponts et Chaussées engineering school.

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