Christine GEORGE

Christine GEORGE

Christine George has completed Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science (2018-2020) from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She has recently completed masters in Global Studies (2018-2020) from Ambedkar University Delhi.

For her master’s dissertation, she researched upon Food Security in India with regard to millets and how globalization has affected the consumption and economical pattern of our agricultural and traditional consumption patterns, for which she partnered with the millet growing farmers of Adilabad, Telangana to understand what goes beyond literature.

She wants to delve deeper to into studying the different sections of our society to understand how different communities manage to find their ground amidst the many boundaries we have socially set for ourselves.

She is currently part of the CHALLINEQ project under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Gravel, which aims to understand inequalities in India and its changes over a period of 15 years through various socioeconomic factors.

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