Tista Kundu (CSH) awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by AXA

The CSH and all its members are pleased to announce the great news that Tista Kundu has been awarded the AXA post-doctoral fellowship (https://www.axa-research.org/en/page/AXA-Fellowships) for two years, in order to support the project on equality of opportunities she is conducting at the CSH. All our congratulations go to Ms. Kundu who made it through a significant competition for this grant.

The AXA Research Fund Post Doctoral Fellowship 2020 is awarded for executing the project titled “Doomed since birth? The role of predestined social backgrounds in measuring well-being in India” with Prof Nicolas Gravel as the host advisor and CSH-Delhi as the host institution. The AXA Research Fund is an initiative of the French multinational insurance firm AXA, that provides support for scientific research in the areas of health, environment, new technology and socio-economic issues.

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