Only if daddy says ‘yes’, by Parul Bhandari

Only if daddy says ‘yes’, by Parul Bhandari

This saturday 13th of december, Parul Bhandari, a postdoctoral fellow at CSH, wrote an article in the Indian Express :


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ), one of Indian cinema’s most iconic movies, has been running uninterrupted at Maratha Mandir in Mumbai for nearly 20 years now. DDLJ’s blockbuster status and cross-generational appeal is as puzzling as it is exciting. The movie’s resonance with the 1990s generation is astounding. The main reason for its success and continued popularity is that it captures the essence of a post-liberalisation generation: economic liberalism within the framework of social conformism. Young India, perhaps, identifies with the juxtaposition of these two narratives of an Indian identity…

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