Julien Levesque, leading the panel and Aprajita Sarcar participating in the annual conference BASAS, (March 29th- April 1st 2022),

Julien Levesque, an associate researcher at CSH and a visiting assistant professor at Ashoka University, is leading a massive panel with subsessions stretching three days on caste and Muslim identity in South Asia on March 29th- April 1st, 2022, in the annual BASAS conference, happening online this year.

In this annual conference Aprajita Sarcar, a post-doc researcher at CSH, will be presenting on ” the role of the Social Worker and Demographic Transition in 1950s India “, on March 31st. The panel will also feature two other papers on the history of reproductive health in South Asia.

For more on the conference, please visit: https://generic.wordpress.soton.ac.uk/basas/information/registration/

Here’s the schedule for the same: https://whova.com/embedded/event/baosa_202203/?refer=undefined&day=0

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