CSSS Colloquium

CSSS Colloquium

CSSS Colloquium by Prof. Jules NAUDET gives a talk on The Three Worlds of Indian Capitalism Revisiting the Owner/Manager Opposition through an Analysis of the Social Space of Indian Top CEOs and Chairmen


While most of the sociological literature on the Indian business class has been focused on certain castes or communities, on certain industries or on certain localities, our paper proposes the first systematic pan-India analysis of top CEOs and chairmen in the contemporary period. We’ve indeed analyzed the social space of the CEOs and Chairmen of the top 100 Indian companies of 2012 using Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA). We draw on this analysis to discuss the internal divisions among top Indian property owners and top company managers. We more specifically look at the divisions by educational capital, the divisions by inherited capital, the divisions by caste and the division by social capital (drawing on a previous network analysis of the interlocking directorates of the top 250 Indian firms)..

Bio Data

Jules Naudet is a Research fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities in New Delhi where he heads the “Politics and Society” division. He holds a doctorate degree in Sociology from SciencesPo Paris. His previous research focused on a comparative analysis of the experience of upward social mobility in France, in India and in the United-States. His book “Entrer dans l’élite: Parcours de réussite en France, aux Etats-Unis et en Inde” was published in 2012 by the Presses Universitaires de France. He co-edited the book “Justifier l’ordre social: Caste, race, classe et genre” with Christophe Jaffrelot (PUF, 2013). He is also the author of “Grand patron, Fils d’ouvrier” (Seuil, 2014). He now dedicates his research to the study of the Indian business elite.

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