[Article published] Mohd Osama, 2023. “An Ethnographic Exploration of the Muslim Vote in India”, Sage Research Method (January)

The CSH is pleased to announce that Mohd Osama a Ph.D. candidate in the Deaprtment of Political Science, Jamia Milia Islamia University has wrote an article entitled “An Ethnographic Exploration of the Muslim Vote in India“, published in Sage Research Method in January 2023.

He was associated with the CSH as a Research Assistant, under the supervision of Dr Nicolas Gravel, formar director of CSH, and Dr Julien Levesque, in the framework of the research project “Prosopography of Muslim Leadership in India”, from Nov-Dec 2020.  

The article is available at: https://methods.sagepub.com/case/an-ethnographic-exploration-of-the-muslim-vote-in-india

Abstract: Ethnography is a useful method to study Muslim voting behavior. One of the most important steps in ethnography is selecting the research site. In this case study, I explain the importance of, and issues with, sampling and fieldwork. Through examples from my comparative electoral ethnography, I show the challenges that can occur in the field, such as change of research sites or modifications in the research questions. I also explain the importance of insiders’ knowledge, especially in the absence of required data. I also reflect on the important step of location sampling and how it can be necessary to adapt and change the research location.

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