Landy, Frédéric, Dorin, Bruno, 2022. “L’État au secours de la transition agroécologique ? Le cas de l’Inde” Mouvements , 101(1), pp 94-106

Dr. Bruno Dorin, a researcher at CIRAD has co-written an article entitled ” The State to the rescue of the agroecological transition? The case of India “. The article has been published in the Movements journal on 09 March 2022.
In this article, they revisited the farmers’ protests of 2020/21 (the largest in the history of independent India), in particular, to deconstruct certain persistent myths in the West, before presenting what represents a priori the largest agroecological transition underway in the world: Natural Farming in Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India with 53 million inhabitants in 2020.

This article (in French) can be downloaded for free at

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