Kundu Tista, in interview, “Building Societal Resilience, The Role of Inclusion in a Fragmented World” AXA Research Fund, Winter 2022, pp:21

Dr. Tista Kundu, a research fellow at CSH, interviewed by a reputed journalist in “Building Societal Resilience, The Role of Inclusion in a Fragmented World”, a collection of perspectives by the AXA Research Fund, Winter 2022. She has been interviewed along with Ursula Mello (AXA Fellow, Barcelona School of Economics) on the topic ” “Building social resilience by addressing intergenerational inequality”, in chapter 01: Areas of Inequality, page no. 21

The full publication is available at: https://www.csh-delhi.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/AXAResearchFund_Societal_Resilience_publication-2.pdf

AXA Research Fund: As our world becomes increasingly volatile with compounding shocks, building societal resilience is a key pillar for a sustainable future. The latest publication from the AXA Research Fund brings together expert perspectives from academia, public organizations, and business around inclusive growth and its role in strengthening societal resilience.

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