Insurgency in North-East India – The Role of Bangladesh

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This edited volume seeks to explain the persistence of terrorism and armed rebellion in India’s North East, which in some places is at least half of a century old. It also seeks to examine the role of Bangladesh and Pakistan, which are currently busy in fomenting trouble in this region. The contributors point out that there exist commonalities as well as differences in the insurgencies that affect different parts of the northeast.

The volume shows how Assam that struggled to be part of the Indian Union almost against the wishes of Congress High Command in contrast to Nagaland where separatist feeling were displayed from the time of the transfer of power are today both in the grip of violent separatist movement. The contributors show how persistent economic exploitation, neglect, disempowerment of the local governments as a result of centralized planning as well as encouragement of infiltration by illegal migrants from Bangladesh for short term political gain have embittered sections of the local population leading them to take part and support militancy and separatism. The volume shows how Bangladesh and Pakistan have taken advantage of the situation to make things worse and thwart chances of a negotiated peace.

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