Indian Health Landscapes under Globalization

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This volume brings together a varied array of perspectives on contemporary health and health care in India. Since Independence, in spite of reduced budget, India has been able to achieve a notable improvement in the life expectancy of the population. After the recent liberalization of the economy, whether the government can safeguard the autonomy of public health, promote efficiency and escape the invariable commodification of health services is the question this very timely volume raises.
French and Indian geographers, sociologists, economists, lawyers, make use of a global perspective to introduce the outcome of the process of globalization in the field of Indian health systems in this volume. This systematic examination of costs and benefits seems a good indicator of the level of integration of a rapidly developing country. The authors have clearly stated their preferences, but the comparative studies will enable the reader to obtain a balanced point of view.
Finally, working within the field of health, viewed as a key component of the state and society mutations under globalization processes, allowed the authors to demonstrate its risks, as well as its advantages through vital case studies. The major changes can only take place when the global and the national interact in the same direction, otherwise the indigenization of global process will get subsumed under social flux.

1.    Introduction: Indian Health Landscapes under Globalization Treatment?
Alain Vaguet

A.    Contrasting Landscapes of Globalization
2.    Spatial Dimensions and Emergence of HIV/AIDS in India: Geographic Concepts for Understanding AIDS
Emmanuel Eliot
3.    Health, Societies and Identities in the Globalization Era: The Example of Yoga Therapy
Anne-Cécile Hoyez

B.    Towards Landscapes of Globalization
4.    Bringing World-class Health Care to India’. The Rise of Corporate Hospitals
Bertrand Lefebvre
5.    Delhi: Towards a Healthy City
Surinder Aggarwal

C.    Allopathic Landscapes under Global Competition
6.    India in the World of Pharmaceuticals: Dualities of a New Challenger
Pierre Chapelet
7.    International Legal System on Pharmaceutical Patents and its Impact on the South: Economic and Legal Analysis of India’s Case
Julien Chaisse and Samira Guennif
8.    Why Should we Produce More Doctors?: Socio-economic and Political Framework of a Doctor in India
Rais Akhtar

A.    Pending Globalization Landscapes
9.    Delhi NGOs Take Charge of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: An Obligation for Proximity
Mathilde Clerc
10.    From Global Policy to Local Politics: The Eradication of Leprosy in India
Fabienne Martin
11.    Water and Re-emergence of Epidemics in Chennai (Tamil Nadu): Along the Path of Globalization
Sandrine Brisset

B.    Unequal Globalization Landscapes
12.    The Paradox of Proximity: Accessibility to Maternal Care Infrastructure in Rural South India
Virginie Chasles
13.    Local Democracy and Access to Health Services in Delhi: Preliminary Remarks
Stéphanie Tawa Lama-Rewal
14.    Indian Health Landscapes: Concluding Remarks
Sarah Curtis

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