India, the European Union and the WTO

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The World Trade Organisation has merged as the most significant multilateral institution regulating international trade. The 13 essays in this volume by Indian and European policy analysts, policy-makers and academics critically examine the role of the European Union and India in international trade negotiations against the background of liberalization, globalisation and regionalism.

The book evaluates the impact of the WTO on developing countries. It examines the convergence and divergence between India and the European Union towards critical multilateral trade issues, including agriculture, services, and labour standards.

This study will be of interest to policy-makers and those engaged on the fields of economics, political science, and international relations.




  1. WTO as a Regime in International Relations MANMOHAN AGARWAL
  2. Regionalism, Multilateralism and the WTO PAOLO GUERRIERI
  3. The WTO, Globalisation and New Political Movements of the South HARTMUT ELSENHANS
  4. The European Union, India and the Doha Round BRIAN MCDONALD
  5. Strangers on the Road, India and the European Union on the Way to Cancun B. BHATTACHARYA
  6. EU-India Trade and Investment Relations S. CHAUVIN, FRANCOIS LEMOINE and DENIZ UNAL-KESENCI
  7. India, the enlarged European Union and the WTO BURKHARD STEPPACHER
  8. India, the EU and Agriculture in WTO Negotiations O P SHARMA
  9. India, the European Union and Labour Standards PRADEEP S MEHTA and BIPUL CHATTERJEE
  10. India and the European Union: From GATT to GATS RL CHAWLA
  11. Civil Society and EU Trade Policy TERESA MOREIRA
  12. Non-Tariff Barriers, Indo-EU Trade and the World Trade Organisation SWAPAN K BHATTACHARYA
  13. India, the European Union and Geographical Indications SACHIN CHATURVEDI

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