India, Europe and the Changing Dimensions of Security

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Containing 16 essays by Indian and European security experts, policy analysts and academics, this book assesses the impact of the changing dimensions of security since the end of the Cold War on defence and security policies of India and Europe and the political-military ramifications of the events of 11th September 2001.

The volume covers a broad range of contemporary security issues including European Security and Defence Policy, non-proliferation, humanitarian intervention, conflict resolution, reform of the United Nations, and the causes and consequences of terrorism.

The study critically evaluates the recent trends in the policy of the European Union towards South Asia and Afghanistan.

The book will be of great interest to students and scholars of political science, international relations, defence and security studies.





    1. India, Europe and the Changing Dimensions of Security MICHEL CAILLOUET


    1. Security in the New Millenium: An Indian Perspective C RAJA MOHAN
    2. Security in the 21st Century: Terrorism and the Stability of the International System HARTMUT ELSENHANS


    1. Fundamentalism, Terrorism and Recognition: New Security Problems in the Era of Globalization THOMAS MEYER


    1. Security and Conflict Resolution JASJIT SINGH


    1. Security: Does European Civil Society Have a Say? SERGIO MASCARENHAS


    1. Europe and Non-Proliferation: Controlling Exports SAVITA PANDE
    2. Europe and Nuclearisation in South Asia JACQUES FONTANEL and JEAN-FRANCOIS GUILHAUDIS


    1. Germany and the War against Terrorism JOHANN-HINRICH ERNST
    2. The French Anti-Terrorism System JEAN-LUC MARRET


    1. India, the European Union and Indo-Pakistan Relations G. PARTHASARTHY


    1. India and Terrorism in South Asia KULBIR KRISHNAN


    1. Europe and Humanitarian Intervention UMMU SALMA BAVA
    2. Europe and Afghanistan MAHENDRA VED


    1. Indian and European Approaches to UN Reforms CSR MURTHY


  1. European Security and Defence Identity: Challenges and Opportunities SAPONTI BARROOWA

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