India and France in a Multipolar World : Proceedings of the Seminar

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The word ‘multipolarity’ is open to various interpretations. While some believe that it is essentially an aspiration, the world being considered as unipolar and dominated by the US, others already regard it as a reality. Although there is a unanimous desire for a more democratic international order, one area of differing interpretations relates to the attitude of the United States. Perceived by some as a hegemony, willing to exercise its dominance to prevent the emergence of other poles in international relations, others including the Americans themselves, consider it to be a power aware of its own limitations, including its own liberal tradition, willing to co-operate with its allies for the promotion of some form of balance of power at the world level.

This volume is an attempt to present the Indian and French perspectives on Multipolarity and to compare them with those of the major international actors. It includes contributions from international experts and decision-makers and intends to contribute to the ongoing debate on the new international order.

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