Health Sector Reforms in India

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Health sector reforms, initially touted as the World Bank’s prescription and hence roundly rejected by concerned scholars, have slowly but gradually started to gain grounds in India. Indeed, some of the reform measures adopted in a few states had preceded 1991 economic reforms.

The objective of this book is to capture the various strands of reforms which had started unfolding since the late 1980s itself. Following the case study method, this volume also looks into the functioning of Rogi Kalyan Samities (RKS) and lady health volunteers, both adapted as critical components of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), a flagship program of the UPA government which aims at injecting new life into the public health care system by strengthening the health infrastructure and providing a functional link between the community and the hospitals.

Not only does this volume draw on experiences of some of the states but by offering empirical evidences on some of the successful initiatives it enriches our understanding of the impact of reform measures.

1.    Introduction: Health Sector Reforms in India: Issues, Experiences and Trends
Girish Kumar
2.    Decentralizing Health Care Delivery System in West Bengal: A Review of Recent Initiatives
Buddhadeb Ghosh
3.    Health Sector Reforms in Kerala: Decentralization Initiatives and the Lessons
Joy Elamon
4.    Access to Medicines in Public Health Care: Lessons from Tamil Nadu
N. Lalitha
5.    Health Sector Reforms in Orissa: Some Experiences
Subrata Kundu
6.    The Myth of the Mitanin: Political Constraints on Structural Reforms in Health Care in Chhattisgarh
Binayak Sen
7.    User Fee in Public Health Care Institutions
Abusaleh Shariff and Subrata K. Mondal
8.    Public Hospital Reforms in Madhya Pradesh: Perceptions and Trends
Girish Kumar
9.    Making of a Primary Health Centre: The SEWA Rural’s Experiment of NGO-GO partnership
Pankaj Shah, Lata Desai and Shobha Shah
10.    For Whom the Reform Tolls?
Alain Vaguet
11.    Ideology and Health Sector Reforms: A State-Level Analysis
Rama V. Baru

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