Guilmoto Z. Christophe, 2022. What can Europe’s history of gender bias tell us about Asia’s contemporary experience?, The History of the Family, 27:4, 801-813

Christophe Z. Guilmoto, a senior fellow in demography at IRD-CEPED Paris and CSH Delhi wrote an article entitled “What can Europe’s history of gender bias tell us about Asia’s contemporary experience?“. The article has been published in The History of the family, on 15 September 2022.

The article is available at:

Abstract: Discrimination towards females – a trait of regional demography so far deemed unique to Asian countries – has inspired historians to revisit demographic series to look for instances of gender imbalances within Europe. In this paper, we show why a proper appreciation of Europe’s experience of gender discrimination in the past may help us to understand the future of contemporary sex selection throughout Asia. We stress in particular how the demographic discrimination of females appeared to have vanished during the 20th century from all areas where it was reported earlier. We examine the main factors that may explain the gradual disappearance of the ‘missing girls’ from Europe. We finally discuss the best ways to identify the potential micro- or macro-mechanisms accounting for the transformations observed in Europe, using, in particular, the distinct trajectories of countries in Southeastern Europe.

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