Choukroune, L., & Bhandari, P. (Eds.). (2018). Exploring Indian Modernities: Ideas and Practices. Springer.


This book analyses how multiple and hybrid ‘modernities’ have been shaped in colonial and postcolonial India from the lens of sociology and anthropology, literature, media and cultural studies, law and political economy. It discusses the ideas that shaped these modernities as well as the lived experience and practice of these modernities. The two broad foci in this book are: (a) The dynamism of modern institutions in India, delineating the specific ways in which ideas of modernity have come to define these institutions and how institutional innovations have shaped modernities; and (b) perspectives on everyday practices of modernities and the cultural constituents of being modern. This book provides an enriching read by bringing together original papers from diverse disciplines and from renowned as well as upcoming scholars.

Ref: CHOUKROUNE LEILA, BHANDARI PARUL, (Eds.), 2018, Exploring Indian Modernities – Ideas and Practices, Springer Singapore, ISBN: 978-981-10-7556-8

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