[Screening & Discussion]
Sangharsh. Times of Strife (Nicolas Jaoul)

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Sangharsh. Times of Strife

(Sister Productions, 105 minutes, 2018)

The movie “Sangharsh. Times of Strife” by Nicolas Jaoul, will be projected at Alliance Française, Delhi, on 9 October, 2019. The projection will be followed by a panel discussion with S. Anand from Navayana editions, and the visual artist Smita Rajmane.


About the movie: Sangharsh takes us deep into the lifeworld of Dalit Panther activists in the late 1990s Uttar Pradesh. By following three activists, one is taken on a rough trip in the slums and villages of Kanpur region, where these characters are spreading the revolutionary messages of Ambedkar. It is an emotional journey into the urge to struggle in order to assert one’s humanity, when humiliation, exploitation and violence remain always around the corner.

About the filmmaker: Nicolas Jaoul is a french anthropologist based at CNRS/EHESS, who has specialized in the anti-caste movement in India. He was trained in the anthropological film school of Jean Rouch. Sangharsh, his first long feature movie, was shot during his PhD fieldwork in Kanpur in the late 1990s, and edited in 2017.

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