[CSH Seminar – ONLINE] The Results Of Aadhaar: A Survey Of Literature (N. Belorgey)

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The Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH) is pleased to invite you to the CSH Seminar (Online):


Nicolas Belorgey

(Centre de Sciences Humaines)

The Results Of Aadhaar:
A Survey Of Literature

The session will be online via Zoom on 19 October 2020, 5:00 pm onwards:

To get a priority access in case of large affluence, kindly register to:


It will be soon 12 years that the Unique Identity Project, also known as Aadhaar, has been launched. Thousands of newspaper or blog articles have been published on it, as well as dozens of journal articles, book chapters, reports, and even at least three books and three journal special issues. Using the classical public policy analysis tool of Harold Lasswell (‘who gets what, when and how?’), we try to make sense of this huge corpus.

The results are a threefold. For the participating firms, it may be seen as a long-term investment, the profitability of which is yet to be seen. For the State(s), is entailed not much economies, but an increase in their surveillance capacities. For the people, there is a mix of efficiency gains, denial of social rights and privacy and political endangerment.


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