[CSH Seminar #ONLINE] Among the Ancients: Iqbal and the Problem of Islam’s Inheritance (F. Devji)

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Prof. Faisal Devji

(University of Oxford)

     Among the Ancients: Iqbal and the Problem of Islam’s Inheritance

The session will be online via Zoom on 14th February 2022, 05:00 pm onwards:


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Abstract: In his philosophical account of world history, Mohammad Iqbal was faced with the problem of locating Islam among its predecessors. Unwilling to place it in a linear narrative as the culmination of religious thought, he developed a cosmopolitan understanding of intellectual history. But this was a vision that differed from abstract toleration as much as harmonious interaction, instead making room for the singularity of conviction and the importance of contradiction.

Faisal Devji is interested in the intellectual history and political thought of modern South Asia as well as in the emergence of Islam as a global category. In his research he has focused on the cultural and philosophical meanings of violence as much as the emergence of non-violence as a political project. He is also very interested in the different ways in which the idea of humanity achieves political realty, particularly as the simultaneous subject and object of globalization. His recent work deals with efforts to think beyond the nation-state and the inheritance of anarchism in the post-colonial world.

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