[CSH-ICSSR-ESRC-ANR-RCN #Conference] Challenging Inequalities (14-16 September 2022)

[CSH-ICSSR-ESRC-ANR-RCN #Conference] Challenging Inequalities (14-16 September 2022)

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The Centre de Sciences Humaines in a joint project CHALLINEQ with the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, The Economic and Social Research Council, The Agence Nationale de la Recherche and The Research Council of Norway, is pleased to invite you to the conference on:


Challenging Inequalities

From 14  to 16 September 2022


AMU-AMSE, 5 boulevard Maurice Bourdet, 13001 
Marseille, France – Amphitheater
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About Challenging Inequalities (CHALLINEQ):

This multidisciplinary research project, which involves academic institutions from France, the UK, Norway and India, analyses the challenges that inequality in the human condition poses to both India and Europe. One of the issues examined by the project is that of the very meaning of the notion of inequality when it concerns multiple and not easily measurable attributes such as health, education, opportunities, wealth, and income that intersect with each other.  The project also examines the issue of the perceived “acceptability” and  “legitimacy” of those various inequalities. Last, but not least, it conducts a few empirical studies (in various parts of India as well as in Europe) that examine the comparative evolution of those inequalities.

For more info contact Prof. Nicolas Gravel (AMU, CSH):


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