[CSH-CPR Urban Workshop #120]
Internal migration in India

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CPR Urban Team


Internal migration in India:
Evidence and perceptions on how people are moving


Abstract: There is a growing interest in migration research across the world but research on internal migration in India has suffered a lack of consistent and robust data. In this discussion, researchers in CPR will present vignettes emerging from recently released migration data tables from Census 2011 as well as draw on field surveys and qualitative research to motivate an open-ended discussion on: What does the evidence tell us? What are the commonly held perceptions about internal migration and how does data inform these? What are the methods to better understand migration patterns?

CPR’s research has looked at mobility in the context of urban transitions. Researchers have analysed large datasets from the Census and NSSO. Our work also includes field surveys and qualitative work in small cities, a long-standing engagement with the working homeless in Delhi, as well as analysis of laws and regulations governing migration and informal work.

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