[CSH Seminar] Making sense of premarital sexuality

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The Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH) is pleased to invite you to a Seminar session (n°13) on:

Making sense of premarital sexuality:

Some results from a study on students’ sexuality and love life in an engineering university in Delhi


Jeanne Subtil (CSH / Sciences Po Paris)

Monday, 3 June 2019, 5 p.m. onwards

[Join us for tea and coffee at 4:30 p.m.]

At Centre de Sciences Humaines, Conference Room (ground floor)

2, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi, 110011

Photo credit: Jeanne Subtil


Familial socialization plays a great part in setting a structure of representations about sexuality that would keep the youth away from sexual experiences before marriage. Yet socialization is an ongoing, dynamic process. Other social institutions bring contradictions to the family framework and different kinds of opportunities and experiences outside the family lead the youth to readjust their views. Drawing on biographical interviews conducted with both female and male students of an engineering university in Delhi, this presentation will unveil the processes by which representations of sexuality are reconfigured over the time, depending on different socioeconomic factors, social institutions and individual experiences. What are the conditions in which sexuality before marriage is made acceptable or desirable, and possible? How do the students adjust in order to experience a form of individualized sexuality in a sexual system that is normatively framed by marriage and the importance of the family? Such questions eventually lead me to examine what sexuality means at the very moment of the interview in which the discourse is being produced. I look more closely at how experiences and emotions are put into words as the students talk about sex, love, partner choice, couple and other kinds of relationships, as well as marriage and marital aspirations. This allows me to show under which conditions premarital sexuality takes places and how it is justified within the constraints of tabooed premarital sex and anticipated parental preferences pertaining to marriage.



More info: julien  {dot}  levesque  {at}  csh-delhi  {dot}  com

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RSVP mentioning your full name to be sent (before Monday, 3 June, 12 p.m.) to: neeru  {dot}  gohar  {at}  csh-delhi  {dot}  com

(!) All French diplomatic territories being under protection, registered persons shall not forget their ID proof to be granted access to CSH.

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