Discussions with Prof Surinder S Jodhka

Prof Surinder S. Jodhka appears recently in different TV shows, you will find all the videos below (click on links to open):

1°) A discussion in English on the subject question of banning meat and the religious sentiments of the Jains. The government of Maharashtra and some other state governments banned the sale of meat for several days on the name of Jain community’s religious sentiments during the Jain festival in September.
The Big Picture – Meat ban: Has Supreme Court said the final word?

2°) A discussion in Hindi language on the question of culture and how Indian culture should shape itself.
Sarokaar – Dialogue on Culture

3°) Rajya Sabha TV discussion on Religious Census (English) (August 2015). Government of Indian has recently released 2011 Census data on religious communities. It shows a relatively higher increase in Muslim population. How do we understand it?
Rajya Sabha TV discussion on Religious Census (English) (August 2015)

4°) NDTV India Discussion on Patel agitation (August 2015). In the last week of August 2015, members of a dominant caste community of Guajarat, Pattidar Patels began to protest for inclusion of their community in the list of Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Like other dominant castes, Patels have not only been a politically influential and economically prosperous community in rural Guajrat, they have also been quite successful in diversifying into urban businesses.
NDTV India Discussion on Patel agitation (August 2015)

5°) This discussion was on the internal organisation problems of the Aam Admi Party, after they won elections in Delhi. Rajya Sabha (May 2015) discussion on AAP.
Internal organisation problems

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