Boivin, M., Cook, M. A., &Levesque, J. (Eds.). (2017). Discovering Sindh’s Past: Selections from the Journal of the Sind Historical Society, 1934-1948. Oxford University Press.

Discovering Sandy’s Past
Selections from the Journal of the Sind Historical Society, 1934–1948
Edited by Michel Boivin, Matthew A. Cook and Julien Levesque
This collection of thirteen articles from the Journal of the Sind Historical Society concentrates on precolonial and colonial Sindh. These articles reveal much about Sindh’s past and historically showcase the region’s broad socio-cultural spectrum. Scholarship frequently overlooks the subjects and people in this collection. In part, this oversight is due to so few libraries (both in Pakistan and around the world) having copies of the Journal of the Sind Historical Society. There are no reprints of these articles in any other book, nor has anyone reprinted them in their entirety since the 1930s and 1940s.
Ref: BOVIN M., COOK A. MATHEW, LEVESQUE JULIEN (Eds.), 2017, Discovering Sindh’s Past: Selections from the Journal of the Sindh Historical Society, 1934-1948, Karachi, Oxford University Press, ISBN : 9780199407804

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