Contextualizing the Urban Healthcare System Methodology for developing a geodatabase of Delhi’s healthcare system

This paper introduces the setting up of a Geographical Information System on Delhi for studies in the Social Sciences. Through an explanation of their methodological procedure and demonstration of thematic applications focusing on the healthcare system’s spatial organization, the authors lead us through the inherent difficulties of building a GIS in an emerging country like India. They also attempt to demonstrate that this kind of tool remains, however, a relevant support for research in the Social Sciences as long as it is used with care and knowledge of the dataset frame. From this perspective, Exploratory Data Analysis coupled with the play of scales provide powerful ways to assess socio-spatial dynamics taking place in the Indian capital.

GIS, Social Sciences, Healthcare system, Data Exploratory Analysis, Multiscalar, Delhi, Census 1991/2001

In order to help researchers in discovering the spatial database underlying discourse, we decided to publish this Occasional Paper on a digital support (CDROM). This has especially allowed us to incorporate basic interactive mapping tools throughout the text. Moreover, a basic mapping interface is provided in the heading “Resources”, allowing users to build up their own maps. We hope this will give the opportunity to readers to experience by themselves the potential offered by GIS.

You can discover this interactive version online!

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